The body remembers the life it has lived.

Body and psyche are connected. The many impressions and expressions of the past and everyday life are stored in the body. Your body depicts your mental well-being – the physical and the psyche are not two separate elements, but a whole.

If there is pain in the body, it affects the psyche, and if you are under psychological pressure, it settles in the body.

It is always the body that first draws attention to the fact that something is wrong. And it is the body that suffers the consequences of all our actions – or lack thereof. These consequences manifest as tension, blockages and thus pain in our body.

That connection has a direct connection to our nervous system, and it is also one of the reasons why Manuvision body therapy works through the nervous system.

Manuvision body therapy helps you break free

We do this by opening the body and loosening the tensions and blockages that lie behind the physical and psychological ailments.

During a body therapy treament, I will work with you to:

  • relax muscles, release joints and loosen up the neck and back from a combination of deep massage techniques, joint release, acupressure and zone points
  • read and remedy disturbances in the nervous system that can result in everything from digestive problems and neck tension to stress , anxiety and depression
  • create a connection between the head’s narratives and the body’s signals by examining the connection between mental, physical and emotional states

This helps to create balance in your nervous system, open up the breathing, and activate flow in the body’s energy system.

When there is flow and movement, the body’s own self-healing processes are automatically set in motion.

How can it help you?

Manuvision body therapy can remedy a wide spectrum of physical and mental disorders, which can be rooted in everything from work injuries and physiological imbalances to mental states caused by stress, shock or trauma.

Typical physical problems:

  • Back, neck and lower back pain
  • Pain in shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, ankles and hips
  • Tension headache and migraine
  • Concussions, whiplash and sports injuries
  • Pregnancy and postpartum complications
  • Digestive problems

Typical psychological problems:

  • Stress, anxiety and burnout
  • Eating and sleep disorders
  • Depression, grief and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder)

General personal work:

  • Embodiment and grounding
  • Gaining confidence and speaking up
  • Setting boundaries and saying no
  • Coming closer to yourself to live the life that you want to live

Read more about how Manuvision treatments can help address the above

What people have said

“I feel like more has happened in one session, than my past year of doing talk therapy.” - Naomi

“This made me realise just how important the body is for the healing process.” - Sander

“Claus is like a facilitator for vulnerability - I feel I can really open up to myself.” - Conti

“Wow, what a trip. I have never experienced anything like this!” - Irene


Amsterdam West: Groen van Prinstererstraat 52,1ste 1051 EN

Amsterdam East: Newtonstraat 4, Serire, 1098 HD (only on Friday)

Working languages: English, Dutch, Spanish and rusty French.

Duration: Treatments take between 1h and 1h 15min, based on what you and your body need at that moment.

Pricing: I work with solidarity prices. This means you can pay any amount between 70 and 120 euros, based on your financial situation. I do this to try keep care accessible to as many people as possible. If this is not within your range, please contact me and we can find a solution.

What to wear: Treatments involve touch, and the nervous system responds most to skin contact. For this reason, treatments work best without big items of clothing. I recommend wearing underwear that is not revealing and a sports bra. If you are not comfortable with this, it is of course possible to receive a treatment with clothing.

Cancellation: If you cancel your appointment less than 24 hours in advance, or simply do not show up, you will be charged for a full session.

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