Manuvision training is about getting you back into your body.

It combines traditional karate, yoga, and reflexology with body therapy’s knowledge of the how muscle tension, energy pathways and emotions are connected.

Trainings are designed to work the whole body - from facial muscles to the toes. We work with muscles and connective tissue, open up the breathing, stimulate circlation, loosen all the main joints, and improve overall stength and flexibility.

We also train presence and awareness, with a strong emphasis on grounding. This helps becoming more aware how you handle limits, escape or face internal resistance, and can move from a deeper presence.

Trainings usually close with a small sharing circle.

Manuvision training as self-treatment

In a therapy treatment, you get help from the outside to work with your tensions. In the training, you learn to do the work yourself, so you can maintain the body and prevent injuries.

This means trainings help you:

  • go into the contractions that cause tension and pain
  • practice free breathing, which helps us to let go of stress and muscle tension
  • train the nervous system and the ability to alternate between being calm and alert
  • confront the places where we collapse because we lack strength in muscles and joints

In this way, Manuvision training is also a supplement to body therapy, because you get to work directly with the tensions behind the physical and psychological ailments for which you go for treatment.


When? Monday 19.00 - 20.30 Friday 9.30 - 11.00

Where? Subject to change - send me a message if you’d like to join.

How much? On donation. First one free.

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